Marantz SA-15S2 SACD Player

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Price: 2,099.00

The SA-15S2 uses the Crystal high-precision Super Audio D/A converter CS4398, to faithfully recreate the full magnificence of the SACD format. It also provides reference-quality CD reproduction and proves that CD player integration need not degrade audio quality. The SA-15S2 goes even one step further and made it possible to integrate MP3 and WMA playback with sacrifying sound quality on CD. It includes a zero-impedance matching joint for best signal to noise ratio, as well as dedicated top-grade headphone circuitry with a fast Current Feedback topology. The D/A converter is equipped with an ultra-high precision clock to eliminate jitter distortion. The SA-15S2 includes a built in-current feedback topology with HDAM-SA2 modules providing high bandwidth and fast signal handling needed for pure audiophile playback regardless of format. A Zero-Impedance-Matching-Joint brings signal to noise ratio to its best. It’s simply exquisite.

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